AdaptWell - How It Works
How It Works

1. Choose a wellbeing series

We know wellbeing is always a combination of mental and physical wellbeing strategies so we aim to provide both and let you pick what you need.

For example, if you were looking to improve your wellbeing with chronic joint pain and fatigue could choose from:

Learn about building habits to manage chronic fatigue.

Have a go at a short, low impact workout.

Try a mindfulness meditation focussed on a managing chronic pain.

2. Select the format

We know that different formats work for different folks. Whether you work better with video, audio, text, diagrams or a combination; we've got you covered.

In our videos, we use a blend of closed captions, british sign language and audio description to ensure access for as many people as possible.

3. Adapt it to your needs

You know your needs better than anyone so we've tried to make our content as flexible as possible so you can adapt it to suit your needs.

Change the length and speed of audio & videos.

Learn adaptions for cognitive and learning differences.

Select physical adaptions to exercises.

We will publish a detailed list of adaptions once the first set of content series have been built.